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Meddler Installation

System Requirements

Windows XP / 2k3 / Vista / 2k8 / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 with .NET Framework v4
10 mb disk space
256 mb RAM

Installation Information

-= Click here to install the latest version of Meddler 4 for .NET4 (679kb) =-

Complementary Tools

Version History

Version 4.4.3 - Released 1/1/2019

Fix QWhale dependency versions

Version 4.4.2 - Released 9/4/2018

Target .NET4 by default
Change sidebar background color when script is unsaved

Version - Released 2/20/2013; Final .NET2-targeted build

Improve performance
Add url property to Session object
Add MeddlerObject.RunningScript property

Version - Released 7/28/2012

Implement MRU List for MeddlerScript files
Build .NETv4 version to allow running on Win8 without installing older framework
Allow Meddler to run on AnyCPU (e.g. 64bit version)

Version - Released 2/13/2012

Automatic assembly references based on #import statements
An Assembly library path was introduced at \Scripts\DLL\ to allow integration of your own assemblies

Version - Released 8/24/2011


Version - Released 4/23/2011

Support ScriptOptions attribute on main class, enabling assignment of StartURL, HTTPS certificate, and initial random number seed
Enable Insert > File As Array to use Deflate compression if beneficial

Version - Released 4/8/2011

Call static OnUnloading function when script is unloaded/replaced
Call static OnShutdown function
Support HTTPS via command-line parameter /cert:"sh a1 ce rt th um pr in t!"

Version - Released 4/15/2008

Add locking around rand.Next() due to lack of thread safety in the Random class
Added WriteString(string sWhat, Encoding oEnc)
Change *compress methods to return byte[0] on null input

Version - Released 3/6/2008

Improved installer compatibility for Vista
Removed unnecessary components
File > Reload
New string compression functions
Added TrickleWrite

Version - Released 2/16/2008

Better sample script
New "InsertFile" and "InsertString" commands on the Insert Menu
Fixed crash when /port:##### used on command line before default script filename
Added /seed:0x####### support on command line

Version - Released 8/7/2007

Updated to latest (v1.4.8) QWhale syntax-editing components

Version - Released 7/20/2007

Moved to native .NET 2.0 compression classes

Version - Released 5/16/2007

Fixed Edit menu
Prompt for saving changes to script before loading new file or closing Meddler.
Fuzzer Loads RandomSeed DWORD in registry. If missing, Fuzzer defaults to Environment.TickCount
Random generator restarted using RandomSeed on each compile
Updated the "active" filename after file loaded
AutoCompile when file is saved

Version - Released 5/10/07.

Rewrote using VS2005
Read ScriptReferences semicolon-delimited string from registry to allow use of arbitrary assemblies
Select Error line on Compilation failure
Added Intellisense support
Added Meddler.Utilities to ClassView
Various bugfixes

Version 0.2.0 - Released 3/29/06.

Multi-instance use; specify port:#### on command line
method to send file as if over a slow connection

Version 0.1.0 - Released 1/28/05.

Initial release.